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Dr. Cleya Williams DC

The Most Caring Chiropractor in Charlotte NC


Dr. Cleya Williams DC at our Eastway Office in North East Charlotte

Doctor Williams has been with DeMaine Chiropractic since 2006 caring for patients in our Eastway Dr. office. She has been treating patients with great results for years, but as a new mother, she has become even more aware of the challenges that pregnancy and motherhood can place on our spine and other joints.

Dr. Williams realizes that if you are reading this, you are probably in pain so if you click or call today for an appointment, she will do everything she can to treat you today and make you feel better immediately. (704)372-6960


Dr. Williams obviously cares for people in Charlotte, but many people do not know that she also participates in mission trips to places like:

  • Morocco
  • Madagascar
  • Brazil


  • Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida where she received her Doctorate in Chiropractic
  • University of North Carolina Charlotte where she obtained a Bachelors of Science in Biology

Local Chiropractic Outreach

In Charlotte, she also contributes at festivals such as the Latin Festival that is held in October every year. At the festivals she and her team offer:

Dr. Cleya Williams Outreach in Charlotte

  • Health screenings
  • Patient Assessments
  • Education
  • And her massage therapists offer massage therapy sessions for no charge


Dr. Williams recently became the mother to a beautiful baby girl named Jordan born in October 2014.


Because we know that you are probably in pain and we want you to feel better,

please click or call for an appointment today. (704)372-6960