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Our Practice Philosophy

We utilize conservative natural treatment procedures to correct the cause of your problem which will have a longer positive effect on your overall quality of life. I emphasize the value of the traditional patient-physician relationship, while supporting societal efforts to reduce inefficiencies in the health care system.

More and more complex decisions about health care plans are expected of parents. Parents need to make well-informed decisions regarding their children, but they also need the empathy of an experienced and trusted physician to be their personal advocate while guiding them through the process. We are constantly evolving to better serve our patients through initiatives such as this web site and our home consultation process.

Our goal is to keep abreast of technical advancements in order to deliver the best possible health care to fit the needs of our patients and community into the twenty-first century. We are known for our personal touch that keeps our patients not only faithful, but leads them to refer their friends and family. Sixty percent of our new patients come to us from personal patient referrals. We are proud of our work and our attempts to bring a unique service to the complex world of healthcare.

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