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Workers’ Compensation


Workers’ Compensation

DeMaine Chiropractic provides complete care following a workplace accident to help patients recover and return to work with as few complications as possible and achieve maximum recovery and greatly reduce pain. We provide treatment for neck pain, spinal subluxation or muscle & joint injuries, which can cause ongoing pain and future complications if left untreated. Our chiropractors have extensive experience in diagnosing, treating and preventing such injuries.

In addition to traditional neck and back adjustments, we offer Decompression and Pro-Adjuster, JTech strength testing, functional computerize testing and EMT testing, which are unavailable at many chiropractic offices.

At DeMaine Chiropractor we not only treat workplace injuries, but we can also help prevent them. After you recover from your injury, we can provide the ongoing care you need to stay well. We can provide regular adjustments, nutritional supplements and access to our rehabilitation and healing facilities to help you prevent future injuries.

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