Spinal Disc Decompression

Spinal Disc Decompression

Spinal Disc Decompression

Here is part of an article on WebMD about using the VAX-D and how it can eliminate the need for back surgery and the recovery.

…Retired internist Ernie Reiner, MD, experienced a herniated disk and lumbar stenosis (narrowing of the spine in the lower back), he reluctantly scheduled back surgery. Having been through the slow and painful recovery from back surgery once before, he dreaded another round.

Searching for alternatives, Reiner discovered VAX-D, a noninvasive form of traction-like therapy for low back pain. After 28 treatments lasting 45 minutes each, he considered himself recovered. “I canceled my surgery date and never rescheduled,” Reiner says. Six years later, the 85-year-old continues to swing a golf club and a tennis racket vigorously.

– WebMD

Effective, safe & cost effective procedure without any of the risks associated with medications, surgery, injections, or anesthesia.

Used to relieve symptoms associated with:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Lower back pain, unilateral or bilateral
  • Sciatica (leg and foot pain and numbness)
  • Post-surgical patients with failed back syndrome
  • Neck pain and symptoms

VAX-D Genesis is a patented medical technology that gently stretches the spine and decompresses the discs. Pressure in the lower lumbar spine can be very high during many common daily activities. VAX-D Genesis decompresses a joint which creates a negative or “sucking” pressure within the disc that pulls the disc back into place and off of nerves while rehydrating the disc at the same time.



“Since I have gone through the treatments, I am feeling much better. The therapists and all the technicians have worked with me continuously and I’m having no ill effects.”

I’ve been a patient at DeMaine for two years (Eastway & South). I go monthly for wellness visits, including a 30 minute massage and adjustment. The staff is wonderful – always kind and welcoming. I didn’t have time to make coffee before an appointment one morning and mentioned it in passing, and they made me a coffee. Hospitality aside, Rigo (massage therapist) is the best kept secret of Charlotte, and Dr. Mason is kind and personable, and he is methodical and intentional with manual adjustments. I love DeMaine and recommend them to anybody looking for massage and chiropractic care!

– Amanda Schulze (Demaine Chiropractic Review On Google)

Amazing place and service. Dr. Mason is really good at his work. They are really helpful and the treatments work. They even get you an appointment at the last minute.

– Sanket Raj (Demaine Chiropractic Review On Google)

I was treated by Dr. DeMaine and Dr. Harrill with great results. I had a lot of neck pain and sciatca and the two chiropractors took care of it very quickly. They demonstrated the best way for me to stretch and the best way to strengthen the right places. The rest of the staff made sure that my wait times were never more than 2 minutes and they were very, very friendly.

– Chris Nudi (Demaine Chiropractic Review On Google)

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